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The number of foreign visitors to Japan (number of visitors) has increased by about four fold from 2008 to 2018 to more than 30 million. Approx. 98% of them stayed for a short time period (tourism, recreation, sightseeing, visiting relatives, participating in seminars and meetings), and we can see foreigners every day and everywhere throughout Japan. 

On the other hand, the foreigner while it was mid and long term, who studies, works and lives beyond 90 days was increased in Japan, and it was 2,700,000 people at the end of 2018 from 2,000,000-2,100,000 level during 2008 through 2013. These foreigners possess some residence permit, but the problem besides a Japanese wall and a Japanese custom would be to aquire residence permit, extension of the term, change of residence permit, permanent residence or naturalization permit. Ilimmigrat law is revised by the once's pace and corresponds to the situation of the foreigner rapid increase for 2 or 3 years, but it's a complicated difficult law and the congestion situation of the Immigration Bureau from all part becomes increasingly terrible. The permit application is Japanese variously, that depends, attachment on the form and the instructions which include a chosen different things can be asked.  "VISA Support Administrative Scrivener" who takes a special course and possesses the pink card registered with a leaving and entering administrative bureau can support  all kinds' applications related to immigration and registration.  I got the "VISA Support Administrative Scrivener" finally in December 2019,  so I would like to support the foreigners who want to keep living in Japan, or corporattion which employs the foreigners.

Residence Permit

In order for a foreigner to enter and stay in Japan, one of the 25 types of “Activities you can do in Japan” and the 4 types of "status you have in Japan" is required. The so-called "visa" is only a certificate issued by a Japanese embassy or consulate overseas that the passport possessed by the person is valid and can be safely entered in Japan (visa exemptions are implemented for 68 countries and regions as of 2019), it is a quiet different from the status of residence.

The application procedures are here.

Permament Residence Permit

Permanent residence, which is one of the residence permit, is a resident who lives in Japan for the rest of life. Nationality is not changed. Permanent residence permits do not have a period of residence, there are no restrictions on work, and spouses and children can easily obtain permanent residence permits too.  A permanent residence permit requires strict requirements, (1) Being good conduct in Japan, (2) Having sufficient assets or skills to make an independent living, and (3) Maching the interests and profit of Japan.


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Naturalization Permit

Naturalization is defined by nationality law, not immigration law, and is applied to the Legal Affairs Bureau. The basic conditions are: (1) Continue to have an address in Japan for more than 5 years, (2) Being 20 years old or older and possessing the ability according to the home country law, (3) Being good conduct, (4) Being able to make a living, (5) Dual nationality Prevention conditions, (6) illegal group conditions.


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