What is an administratice scrivener

It's easy to imagine the work of lawyers who often appear in TV dramas, but I think it's difficult to understand the differences between other legal professions that include the Kanji ”shi(士)” such as judicial scriveners(司法書士), social labor consultants(社会労務士), and administrative scriveners(行政書士). These legal professions are unique to Japan. Exclusive monopoly operations for each job category are determined by individual laws. I actually knew very little about the work of an administrative scrivener until 2018, when I passed the administrative scrivener exam. I will explain my understanding below.


Administrative scriveners used to be called "substitute.'' Typical tasks include application procedures for vehicle registration, construction business permits, restaurant business permits, etc. If you wish to do so, you can fill out the application forms and prepare the necessary documents yourself. However, ``everything is in Japanese,'' ``You have to go to the government office many times on weekdays,'' ``There are many legal amendments and it's complicated,'' ``There are a lot of attached documents, and it's complicated,'' and ``The people at the government office are too busy to tell me.'' It seems that administrative scriveners have come to help for this reason.  Click here for details