"Town Lawyer Close to You", aiming to be a bridge between administrative agency and you. The first consultation is free (weekend available), and I can support you for various business permit applications, inheritance-related matters, immigration-related matters(VISA), etc.. Corresponding areas are mainly Chiba Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture, sometimes Tokyo.

My Profile

・In 1986,  graduated of electrical engineering at Kansai University, and engaged in an electric manufacture.

・International sales business for more than 20 years including staying in the United States of America (Georgia and California) for total 9 years. 

・Experience of corporate business plan and marketing as the head office staff for 10 years.  I have had various things, but I feel that I was blessed with many colleagues and good exciting business.

・In 2017, I retired for my mother care in Osaka. 

・In 2018, I passed the administrative scrivener examination.

・In May 2019, I joined the Japanese Administrative Scrivener Association, and opened "Sakurai Administrative Scrivener Office" at my home in Chiba Prefecture.

・My hobby is home garden, poor golfing with terrible patting, reading (mainly Japanese history)

Acquisition Qualification

・Administrative Scrivener (registration number 19101076)

・VISA Support Administrative Scrivener (sometimes it's called Immigration Lawyer) 

・2nd class Financial Planner

・2nd class Intellectual Property Management Engineer

・IT Passport test passed

・Information Security Management test passed

Take pictures of people taking pictures of autumn leaves in November 2019

My home graden in 2019 summer