Naturalization Permit

Naturalization Permit  Ninja

In order to apply for naturalization permission, you will need to meet the requirements stipulated in the Nationality Act and also submit a large number of documents to prove it. Furthermore, even if you can apply to the Legal Affairs Bureau, it will take around a year to find out whether permission is granted or not. Here we will briefly explain the naturalization application procedure, six naturalization conditions, and required application documents. Please contact us by email or phone for details.


However, even if you become a naturalized Japanese, it does not mean that you can become a Ninja immediately.


Procedures until naturalization permission is granted

(1) Initial consultation, hearing on basic matters


(2) Interview with the person in charge of the Legal Affairs Bureau/Local Legal Affairs Bureau that has jurisdiction over the place of residence and obtain a set of application documents.


(3) Ordering and preparing necessary documents.


(4) Submit application documents to the Legal Affairs Bureau/Local Legal Affairs Bureau that has jurisdiction over your place of residence.


(5) After checking the documents, the examination begins.


(6) Interview between the Legal Affairs Bureau official and the applicant (administrative scrivener cannot attend the interview).


(7) If there are any additional documents to be submitted, request them, prepare them, and submit them.


(8) Send application documents from the Legal Affairs Bureau to the Minister of Justice.


(9) Settlement by the Minister of Justice ➡ Notification of permission/disapproval to the applicant (in the case of permission, a government report will also be made)


Six naturalization conditions

1. Have continued domicile in Japan for 5 years or more (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Nationality Act)

As a general rule, this condition will not be met if there is a break in which you temporarily leave the country and are no longer living in Japan. In addition, even if you have continued to have an address for more than 5 years, your permit may be rejected for other reasons.


2. Be 20 years old or older and have the capacity to act according to the laws of your home country (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Nationality Act)

The age of majority differs depending on the country, so it means that you have reached the age of majority under the law of your home country. Minors cannot apply for naturalization permission alone, but they can apply together with their parents.


3. Good behavior (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 3 of the Nationality Act)

It seems that the judgment is based on whether there is a criminal record or a history of delinquency. Be careful of road traffic law violations (even minor violations such as parking violations must be reported). If you are a company manager, you need to pay attention to proper income declaration and tax payment.


4. Being able to earn a living from the assets or skills of oneself or a spouse or other relative who makes the same living (Nationality Act Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 4)

Sharing a living does not mean living in the same household in Japan, but also includes living on allowances from parents who do not live together.


5. Not having a nationality or losing that nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 5 of the Nationality Act)

It seems that some member of the Diet violated this condition.


6. After the date of enforcement of the Japanese Constitution, plotting or advocating the violent destruction of the Japanese Constitution or the government established thereunder, or forming a political party or other group that plots or advocates the same. (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 6 of the Nationality Act)

Although it is not included in the Nationality Act, the ability to read, write, understand, and speak Japanese is required. The standard is not clear, but it is said that the Japanese language ability is roughly equivalent to that of a third grade elementary school student. One of the application forms is a ``statement of motivation for naturalization,'' which must be signed by yourself. Additionally, the interview between the Legal Affairs Bureau official and the applicant will naturally be conducted in Japanese.


Necessary application documents

(1) Application for naturalization permission


(2) Letter of motivation for naturalization (signature required) ➡ The original document will be prepared.




(4) Oath


(5) A document containing an overview of relatives


(6) A document stating the outline of livelihood


(7) Document describing the outline of the business


(8) Schematic map of the vicinity of home office, etc.


(9) Documents ordered from government offices, etc.


・Certificate that you have the capacity to act according to the law of your home country

・Certificate of employment and salary certificate (or withholding tax certificate)

・Graduation certificate, Chudai certificate, or certificate of enrollment

・Document proving nationality

・Document proving status relationship

・Certificate of residence/Closed alien registration card

·Tax certificate

・Document proving the qualifications of a legal representative (if the applicant is under 15 years old)

・Company registration certificate

・Certificate of current balance of deposits, certificate of securities holding, certificate of real estate registration matters

・Driving record certificate

・Public pension related documents


(10)Documents you have (copies)


・For corporate matters, financial statements such as B/S and P/L

・Skill qualification certificate such as car driver's license

・Copy of final tax return (corporate, individual)

・Certificate of license and license for business (construction industry, restaurant industry, entertainment business, secondhand goods business, money lending business, real estate transaction business, hotel business, hospital, etc.)


(11) Administrative guidance from Legal Affairs Bureau personnel, e.g.


・Snapshots of the whole family

・Interior/exterior photos of owned real estate

・Doctor's medical certificate (hospital will be specified)


In addition, unlike residence permit applications, there is no application fee for naturalization permit applications.


After naturalization is allowed

There is still work to do.


(1) Notification of naturalization: An identification card will be issued by the Legal Affairs Bureau, and within one month, attach it and submit a notification of naturalization to the municipal office of your current residence or the newly designated domicile in your application. Must be.


(2) The residence card or special permanent resident certificate must be returned to the municipality of residence within 14 days.